Les Médiévales de Creully

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Hastings' battle


The adventure continues

Concert by Saltabraz troupe,

the hunting horns,

Rally Hobby,

Denis and his bagpipes

Outside tavern

hosted by the Formigny company

Medieval meal

hosted by the Saltabraz troupe

Opening doors

Sound and Light

Directed by: : Serge Porquet






From Creully to Hastings

Some benchmarks

14h30 - 17h00

Animation for children:
(Manufacturing  shields, crowns and comets...)

With opening a refreshment for parents

Make you relive the history of their castle

Creully live its 11th sound and light

the ACAPP prepares to make an event

One hundred vounteers of Creully

Here we go again for another adventure in this year of celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings

Since 2004, the date of its inception, the show is edited, re worked, enriched each year.

The adventure is not over.  It grows, develops and renews itself.

These years of existence have begun nor the enthusiasm of volunteers, or attending a public that comes more and more to share the spirit of the barony of Creully.


This dazzling spectacle is a hymn to Creully.

Cavaliers, life and rythm to animated pictures of a fresco, a captivating epic that simple gestures of life alongside warriors, sets, special effects, symphony of lights, music and fireworks. .

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- ONLY Saturday 6 to 11:30 : serenade in front of the tourist office and tasting hypocras -

In a medieval setting in the Castle of Creully will be represented a sound and light show, hosted by a troupe of 100 volunteers in all age groups.


(Thanks to Mr JANSEN)