Les Médiévales de Creully

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The core of project

This is a core of a dozen people who is the source of this extraordinary adventure was called the sound and light of Creully with its story told by the director Serge Porquet and pyrotechnics.

This wonderful experience has ignited minds and had ceased for 10 years now, enrich our ideas by adding historical scenes staged today by hundreds of volunteers from Creully and surrounding municipalities.

It is a human adventure and above all a social and cultural activities in the rural average. A true social link, this show wants to be that amateur artists. Bonds are formed, talents are revealed, friendships grow. Together they organized the reception of spectators, together they repeated to achieve a result where everyone can find the time of an evening, plunged in medieval times around a banquet and for 1:30 show.

And in the year 2016: the medieval summer in Calvados

This year, 5 and 6 August 2016, it’s 11th Creully sound and light.

After a year of pause, we mobilized to celebrate the 950 years of the Battle of Hastings; 5 and 6 August 2016 ACAPP produce its 11th sound and light with a hundred extras.

The purpose of this show is to cross the history whether local, regional or national.

In 2011, sound and light, logically had celebrated the creation of the Normandie with the Treaty of ST CLAIR SUR EPTE Richard Creully being brother or nephew of Rollon.

This year the show will highlight and underscore the Battle of Hastings,

Robert Fitz-Haimon Baron Creully who participated alongside William. The focus will be on Odon, Mathilde, the monks and the Bayeux Tapestry, the oath of Harold, the arrival of the longships in Pevensey.

The writing of the show will be by the stage director Serge Porquet, assisted by Philippe Vervacke the association's companions Hastings.

As in other years, sound and light will pass through the time with a great allowance made in medieval times: the power struggle between the Haimon Dentu Neel Cotentin, Hubert de Ryes, Osbern the Steward and William the Bastard, life peasants, until the battle of Formigny.

Projected images, horse fighting, rural and romantic scenes and fireworks

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